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OK, so I actually made my Uncharted 2 purchase about a week ago and not mid-December. Sue me.

I beat it two days ago. It was totally excellent. Nathan Drake is probably one of my favorite video game protagonists, and it's one of the few games where I thought female characters were also cool.

But anyway, playing it was so fluid. It was just the right mix of story, gameplay, and cinematics. Voice acting was awesome and the writing was stellar right down to the playful banter.

Minor complaints: pretty similar formula to the last game.
Spoiler for :
Evil dude wants to get something really old because of some legendary power it will give him which he will abuse. He and everyone else underestimates its power. Enter mythological creatures of some sort - all of whom used to be normal but something happened and now they are supernatural. Also, he was betrayed by Sully -- I mean, Chloe -- wait, no he wasn't! Wait, yes he was! Wait, no?
Drake knows everything including 13th century Latin (not just the Latin you'd learn in grammar school, mind you, but right down to ye old declensions and what not.)

Still, very minor complaints. Lots of fun, and hey, it's a very enjoyable formula. I can definitely see why it received so many perfect scores. If ever there was a game that I thought was tailored specifically for me, this was it.
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For the record, the rhetoric on that site is pretty bad. As in borderline incompetent. It makes baby Isocrates weep.
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