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I am not much of an online gamer so single player campaign is what mostly drives me, this is deplorable.
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As bad as the single player campaign is, the game itself is pretty boss. They really made online a big focus, and it shows. Online SCV is stupendous.

Single Player isn't bad by any means, there's lots of different modes and a Quick Battle which is just about 250 premade Create a Character characters you can fight for titles. The story part is good enough for Patroklos / Pyrrha, who are the starring roles, but as far as the characters Namco has replaced with new people...not so much.

I like the new versions of characters, like Natsu for Taki, Xiba for Kilik, and the new fighting styles of Viola and ZWEI, but they give us literally no story on these newer characters. Hopefully some DLC will add to the story mode, I guess.

The only thing worse than 4 Sophitia clones is....3 Edgemasters. I mean...seriously?

Just for reference, here's how they've flummoxed the roster:

Alpha Patroklos = Setsuka without an umbrella
Aeon = Lizardman with Kratos moveset from the PSP Soul Cali.
No Talim / Hwang (bad since no new character has their style)
Kilik and Sophitia are Edgemasters of male and female characters, respectively.

I guess I can say the game is still fun, as long as your character hasn't been pushed out the door. I'd say the actual fighting and the online component make the underlying mechanics the best yet, just some off design decisions kinda put me off a small bit. Still a good game, though.

Oh, I must also say Voldo's 2P costume is the coolest thing I have ever seen.
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